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Lyrics to xanadu by rush

Good Video 18+ Lyrics to xanadu by rush.

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Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more. Xanadu is found on the album Red Barchetta. Stage Left [Video] Exit Stage Left Different Stages: Add your thoughts 33 Comments.

Rush, "Xanadu". "To seek the...

General Comment To me, this song is about the story of one man who has a single goal: The promises of Kubla Khan of a wonderland where you may walk along the river Alph, explore and navigate the spectacular ice caves, and eat like a king on honey for all eternity in the beauty of nature. He finds it and is immedatly overbaringly excited and content.

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But, over a thousand years, he realizes what was once his paradise is now his prison, and wishes that he could escape this land. Overall, I beleive the song is about self indulgence and greed, to major obstacles people face in life.

This songs character decides that he will live there without any consideration of the future, his mind clouded by the idea of instant gratification.

However, this was a bad choice and now, years later, he has come to know Xanadu as a prison, not a paradise. This is undoubtedly one of my favorite Rush songs. No Replies Log in to reply.

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