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Mb relationship

Pron Pictures Mb relationship.

MB Relationships helps you create many-to-many relationships between posts, pages or any custom post type. The plugin is lightweight and optimized for database and query performance.

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The plugin allows you to create connections from posts to posts, Mb relationship to pages and so on. Then you can perform corresponding queries to retrieve posts that are connected to or from given posts.

Post relationships is a missing part in WordPress. Below are some examples of posts to posts relationships that might help you see the benefit of Mb relationship feature:.

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The simplest example is to manually create related posts in your WordPress website. When you edit Mb relationship post, you can select posts that have similar or related content and display them in the frontend for further reading. You can also query backward: If people want to buy tickets, they could search for events in their location and see what bands are playing Mb relationship a given date, or they could search for bands they like and see what date they are playing near their location.

MB Relationships allows you to create bi-directional connections. You will be able to query back and forth without any problem.

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MB Relationships is very much inspired by the popular plugin Posts 2 Posts which is not maintained anymore. We have taken the idea and made some improvements.

MB Relationships helps you create...

The codebase and data structure is very similar. This plugin is a free extension of Meta Box plugin, which is a powerful, professional solution to create custom fields and custom meta boxes for WordPress websites. Using MB Relationships in combination with Mb relationship extensions will help you manage any content types in WordPress easily and make your website more professional.

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Sadly, there is no support for this plugin. I posted a bug report here: The following people have contributed to this plugin.

Thank you to the translators for their contributions. See full changelog here. English US and Portuguese Brazil. Translate into your language.

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