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Why are asian guys so obsessed with blonde women? Do they suffer from lower self esteem issues?

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Asian women get eyelid sugery, bleach their skin lighter, wear contact Asian man blonde and dye their hair to achieve the beautiful look of northern european white women! I have been told by both asian americans and asians living in asia that the dream of every asian man is to move to west a find a blonde white wife Discuss.

This is not a place to discuss your personal fetish. Please stop it; you're making us uncomfortable.

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Originally Posted by loveblondes. What a wonderful world such would be Originally Posted by Jester Joe.

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Because it's all like, totally opinion based man. And these threads never go well.

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This thread is scary. I know many Asians wayyyy more than the videos posted and they are all with other Asians. So I can't agree with this topic because I've never personally seen it.

Originally Posted by SL This guy with the blonde shit again!?! Dude, you get shot down again?

I am a blonde, white...

Originally Posted by Doomken. Originally Posted by Nairobi.

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Originally Posted by KClovesGaming. Didnt even need to guess who made this thread.

TOKYO (4 p.m.)

Just like how swineflu is nearly always the one who makes GMO threads. Coming soon to this thread Just google asian guy and blonde girls Maybe it's just the difference to the women in their own countries in both cases.

I'm baffled by why this dude isn't banned. But yeah, Asian women are the best.

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So it's great if Asian guys can get blonde women, that works out well for everyone. It's a funny thing. A place Asian man blonde Japan is full of thinly veiled racism hell, watch Gaijin Goomba's rants on Japanese Video Game Companies not "getting" western consumers If you lived in a country where EVERYONE aside from the occasional business man or Soldier from Oki looks the same, the Agryan look becomes enticingly exotic and getting a woman with that look becomes a status symbol regardless of whether they are in whatever country or the US.

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Considering that Asians look exotic to us and are a fetish for some peopleand you get I could google foot fetishes and I"m sure I'll find just as much. Doesn't make everyone have one.

Originally Posted by Nixx. There have been more than enough blonde threads created and discussed in the last week or so. We don't need more of the exact same thing.