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We didn't ruin her Christmas we have been on her iCloud for 4 days. December 26th, Reply Parent Thread Link.

Most of the stuff on her phone would be before she's She only turned 18 in June. Reply Parent Thread Expand Link. I hope they go to court for charges of viewing child porn they probably have those pictures saved 5th harmony nude their computer now.

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People need to learn fucking boundaries. Wouldnt she also get in trouble for 'creating' cp?

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Is that how it works sis? Like if someone posted CP here and you unknowingly scrolled down and saw it youre saying you'd be arrested?

WOW those tweets Like seriously, no regard for her personal safety, security, or even her damn feelings. Being on her iCloud 4 days before Christmas doesn't make it any better, assholes.

It probably makes her feel even more violated. There was one I was trying to embed but it got suspended where they were all "oh we did it bc we were bored, who cares about the police. I wish I was home to post more things because I made screencaps of everything before they got suspended.

I can't believe "fans" do this shit. Never mind that being a fan should mean respecting the privacy of the person you claim to like.