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Sending nudes on snapchat

xXx Pics Sending nudes on snapchat.
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Sexting is almost as huge and it too is growing as a pastime. But is it a good idea? Is it safe to sext using social media? Is it safe to send nude pics on Snapchat? Also see our article How To Replay a Snapchat. Snapchat is so much more than just sexting. Used for general socializing, Snapchat is a great network to share your life with others.

Sending nudes on snapchat can take snaps, add text and emoji and generally express yourself however you see fit.

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Most celebrities, movie stars, fashion icons and all those people we love to watch are also on the network, making it the place to be for keeping up with the world around us.

However, there is another side to Snapchat, sexting. Originally it was teens who used the app for sexting, now it is people of all ages who use it.

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Theoretically, you would think it safe to send nude pics on Snapchat. After all, the image disappears after 10 seconds never to be seen again, right? Some will even show you how to do it without notifying the sender that you are saving the snap. That alone should send alarm bells ringing. By default, Snapchat detects when you take a screenshot on your device while the app is open. It will likely stop someone Sending nudes on snapchat more, but the damage may already be done.

Turning off airplane mode stops Snapchat informing the other party that you have taken a screenshot of the snap. Alternatively, you can take a Sending nudes on snapchat of the screen with another camera or use an emulator such as Bluestacks to run Snapchat on a PC and take traditional screenshots without Snapchat detecting it.

As always, where there is a will there is a way. So now you know that it is possible to save snaps past their 10 second lifespan, why would someone do that? Apart from the obvious.

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It is when naked images of you are shared online without your consent. There are more of these websites than you might hope and they often feature nude pics saved from Snapchat. There are quite a few Tumblogs and websites dedicated to just this practice and they change regularly to avoid legal issues.

While you do have legal rights over these kinds of images, enforcing those rights can be next to impossible.

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Aside from outing, there are a number of Sending nudes on snapchat why you should never send nude pics of yourself on Snapchat or any other app. The idea that images are only online temporarily or that social networks come and go is technically true but also not.

Images are archived, entire websites are recorded, reverse image lookups make finding identities easy and images are often copied from one website and used on others.

Nothing is ever truly deleted from the web. Type in a URL of a website or web page of a site long gone and prepare to be amazed. While your intended audience may have no intention Sending nudes on snapchat showing it to anyone, once you send that pic, your control over it ends. If you have a falling out with the recipient, you have to then trust their good nature to not do anything with that image.

How many people do you imagine would be that trustworthy? Once you post something online, in Snapchat or anywhere, you lost control of that something. It is out there, free for anyone to do with what they will.

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That could mean nothing, which is great. Revenge porn, outing, blackmail and more can all begin with the wrong nude pic in the wrong hands. While it may never happen, it is a risk and a serious risk. You know Snapchat Story right?

The feature that allows you to share images and videos? The feature that does not self-destruct after 10 seconds?

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Do you know how easy it is to accidentally post something to a Story rather than just send it to someone? While you can quickly remove it, you have to pray that nobody saw the image or video you just posted.

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