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Are you hookup a crazy girl

18+ Galleries Are you hookup a crazy girl.
“So, why'd you stay with...

So I finally meet this girl from Tinder who had already flaked on me twice. We end up going back to her place, and we fuck all night. She told me she loved me we just met! I was comfortable and the Final Four was on and she had a packed fridge.

Next day she texts me if I was mad, but I pretty much Are you hookup a crazy girl ignored her. Then, about a week later she texts me that she misses me. The conversation seemed to be going well and then boom — she stopped writing back.

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Next day I shoot her a text. Really short reply from her. I text her to answer her phone and I try calling again — no answer.

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That was 2 days ago…. Is she crazy or what? Is this some kind of game?

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Out of curiosity, have you hit the STD clinic since your most recent encounter with this chick? And conveniently enough that applies at both a physical and emotional level. If you could have a threesome with any two people, one has to be another girl.

Who would it be?

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