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Amateur golf statistics

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The average USGA handicap for male golfers has been between GHIN reported the average male handicap at Although there is a slow trend towards improvement, many in the golf industry wonder why progress has not been faster. As such, this article will focus on the performance of the average male amateur AMA. The AMA has a reported handicap of 14 Amateur golf statistics There is no age or nationality restriction for the AMA.

The TrackMan Combine data collected from over 10, golfers of all levels from around the world will be used to analyze his performance in hopes of Amateur golf statistics understanding where improvement s can be made. The AMA has an average club speed of The following graph shows the distribution of AMA Driver club speeds. The AMA is far from efficient with his driver. He has an average attack angle of The following table looks at the AMA versus what is optimal.

The AMA is capable of carrying the ball much further than his current total distance.

He is giving up 30 yards of total distance off the tee, which makes his approach shots more difficult. The calculated distances for the approach shot are based on Amateur golf statistics driver data and optimized driver data for the AMA is also listed.

Golf critics talk about technology making golf courses Amateur golf statistics because of distance, but what they fail to clarify is that this only pertains to 0.

In truth, the vast majority of golfers are playing from tees that are too long based on their club speed and skill level. If golfers are to continue playing the same length tees, then optimizing their driver distance is going to be key to enhancing their performance.

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The previous table looked at the approach distance the AMA will have based on hole length and average drive distance. Amateur golf statistics next table uses the approach distances from the previous and calculates the proximity to hole. Because of the trends and correlations found in the TrackMan Combine data, it is possible to calculate the proximity to hole for nearly any handicap or approach distance with high confidence.

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The average green size at Torrey Pines South is 6, square feet. This data further confirms the need for most golfers to aim towards the center of the green on all approach shots. Or when hazards are present, it may be even wiser to aim for the opposite edge of the green. Once AMA understands the likely outcomes for various shots, then he can most effectively implement Amateur golf statistics strategy for the benefit of improving his golf performance.

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Knowing what club to hit based on distance and the safest place to aim based on dispersion tendencies will undoubtedly benefit the golfer.

Notice how few balls landed past the target.

By adding 10 yards to every shot hit by the AMA from yards, the percentage of shots that would hit the green increases from This demonstrates that without changing technique and only changing strategy, the AMA can improve their performance. Does the AMA truly know how far each of their clubs carries? The strategy implemented to create 10 additional yards of carry could be from lack of knowledge regarding how far each club goes. Course Amateur golf statistics, driver optimization, and course strategy are three key components to improving the performance of the AMA.

Of course, playing shorter courses seems very obvious if you want to improve performance.

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However, it is more the fact that golfers are playing courses that are too long relative to club speed and skill level. The following chart shows average handicap versus average club speed. There is a very obvious relationship between these two variables. As club Amateur golf statistics increases, those golfers tend to have lower handicaps. It is not to suggest that a golfer should simply play a shorter course to shoot better scores, but that a golfer should play a course length that is appropriate.

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