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Kasey Dennis is a rarity among minor hockey parents, not because she loses her temper, but because she admits it. You want them to win. The Hawks were playing a tournament game in Richmond Hill, Ont. She could hear parents of players on the opposing team calling to their youngsters.

The worst part was, you could see Gthl midget hockey law suit kids were actually trying do it. The Hawks have won and lunch beckons at a nearby pizza joint. But a peewee game between teams from Vaughan and Willowdale is under way on the other ice surface, and Dennis has no sooner hustled Evan out the door than it suddenly turns sour. Seconds before the final buzzer, a player Gthl midget hockey law suit Vaughan shoves an opponent into the boards, and angry shouts rise from the seats.

Willowdale parents holler over the glass at the referee, who pleads for calm, assuring them that the offence will be penalized as the player rises uninjured. But the yelling and finger-jabbing goes on and, after a few moments, the official loses his own temper.

Incidents of minor hockey violence in Canada from to Shouting matches between coaches. Actual fist fights between adults in the stands.

Increasingly, this is a face of minor hockey that Canadians seem willing to accept. So invested have parents and coaches become in tournament outcomes, or Gthl midget hockey law suit time distribution of seven-year-olds, that the sport seems mired in recurring cycles of hostility, which in the last six weeks have produced no fewer than three cases of physical altercations between adults at minor hockey events.

Together, these cases reflect a level of obsession that is exacting an enormous toll on the minor hockey system.

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Local volunteers must now follow lawyer-designed protocols to deal with problem parents, lest the matter wind up in civil or criminal courts. The effects are wide-ranging: I chalk that up to abuse. Associations are responding with the few tools they have, including an online course called Respect in Sport that urges adults in the game to consider their behaviour.

But the most troubling aspect of the current drift may be how many view it as the norm. Back in Mississauga, there will be no incident report over the exchange at the peewee game, no complaint to minor hockey authorities, not so much as a preachy memo to parents. Just another day in minor hockey? Hockey Canada estimates that hard-core troublemakers constitute about two per cent of those involved in amateur hockey.

But that has been Gthl midget hockey law suit comfort to hockey administrators, as the dread species parentis horribilis has made its presence felt more than ever.

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Front and centre in winter was Jason Boyd, the hockey dad in Selkirk, Man. For a few tense moments, it looked as if he might fulfill his Gthl midget hockey law suit. He was banned from arenas throughout Winnipeg for the balance of the season, yet he had no sooner apologized publicly than Vancouver coach Martin Tremblay received a day jail sentence for tripping year-old players during the post-game handshake, an incident that also made headlines across the country.

Within a minute, men and women alike were grappling, throwing punches, tumbling over the seats in a low-rent spectacle that, at last count, had drawnclicks on YouTube. These incidents added to many more reported across the country—in Canmore, Alta.

Ina city police officer in Guelph, Ont. The same month, a coach and an assistant coach in Gthl midget hockey law suit, N. Astonishingly, the men were coaching the same team ; they had disagreed, it seems, over what instructions to give the kids. Miller was caught off-guard earlier this month when a newspaper reporter phoned for comment on a punch-up involving parents from two Winnipeg-area teams at a tournament in West Fargo, N.

The story was spreading quickly by text and tweet: According to witness accounts, a mother from a team based in River East had burst into the dressing room of opposing Selkirk, with her husband following close behind.

Words were exchanged with opposing coaches, and then fists began flying—all before the eyes of eight-year-old players.

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As tournament organizer Mike Prochnow put it: His next seven days were consumed by the tasks of compiling witness statements, game sheets and incident reports so his organization could sanction the principal combatants. We prepare these packages that go out to all the parties.


There has to be full disclosure. Face-to-face meetings with the adults would follow, and the next Monday—more than a week after the incident—the coaches and parents received notice of their sanctions.

Everything gets bogged down. In the rare instances where police do go ahead with criminal charges, the burden for everyone grows. Police and prosecutors spent 14 months interviewing witnesses, assembling documents, disclosing evidence and adjourning hearings before the case reached trial.

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During four days in court, 10 witnesses testified, while audiotaped statements to police were entered as evidence. In the end, the judge dismissed all the charges. These are, of course, the extremes.

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But to long-time observers of Canadian minor hockey, they indicate a worrisome attitude some fear is poisoning the grassroots of the game. In addition to a shortage of coaches, for example, many jurisdictions are scrambling to fill their referee rosters, as about 10, officials across Gthl midget hockey law suit country leave the sport each year. On March 1, two regional executives with the Ontario Minor Hockey Association OMHA sent an email warning local presidents that the officiating pool in their area had been taxed to the limit.

The verbal abuse of officials and opponents must stop. Parents and coaches were more likely sources of abuse than players, according to the study, which was published in the Canadian Journal of Sports Medicineand the details provided in writing by some of the officials were harrowing. The survey was organized by Alun Ackery, an emergency room doctor at St. He quickly concluded that the environment of hostility and disrespect as described by referees has raised the risk of injury to young players.

But he also felt as if he were staring at an elephant in the room. His questions now, like those of Miller, go to the very DNA of the game. Why have countless publicity campaigns by Hockey Canada and its regional branches failed to change it?

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Or is there something about hockey—the contact, the aggression, the fighting—that brings out our worst inclinations? They are conundrums that have hung over the sport since the first indoor game in Montreal, which, appropriately enough, ended in a scuffle.

Two sets of parents are...

Ever since that night inhockey has shown two faces: To the poetically inclined, this dichotomy encapsulates the Canadian soul: Yet that understanding has allowed questionable habits to calcify.

No mass-participation sport accommodates fist-fighting as junior and pro hockey do, and few tolerate the level of dissent Gthl midget hockey law suit on-ice officials.

And of the many iterations of hockey that have sprung up around the world over the last half-century, none generates the sorts of parent-coach-fan eruptions seen in Canada: Sweden, for example, has yet to supply YouTube with a single video of adults squabbling in the stands at a minor hockey game, despite having 64, people enrolled in the sport.

And when we performed comparative searches of media and legal databases, we found that non-contact sports endure nowhere near the rate of parent eruptions seen in hockey. Consider, for example, that nearlyCanadian kids are registered in youth soccer—aboutmore than in minor hockey.

Yet a search dating back to turned up only newspaper stories involving parents and assault in soccer, compared to in hockey.

Still, fighting is not allowed Gthl midget hockey law suit minor hockey. And long-time hockey people ascribe parental outbursts less to rugged play than the outsized importance adults are attaching to what happens on the ice.

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