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Urologists sperm count

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Infertility is defined as the failure to conceive despite one year of regular unprotected intercourse. A Urologists sperm count should consider evaluation sooner if either partner has a known risk factor for infertility e. In most cases, it is recommended that both partners be evaluated simultaneously to prevent any delays in successful treatment.

Generally, male infertility is identified by abnormalities on a semen analysis; however, other issues can contribute to infertility despite normal semen.

The causes of male infertility are widely varied, and are best evaluated by a urologist who specializes in male reproductive health.

Some causes of male infertility can be identified and reversed or improved with specific surgery or medication while other causes can be identified but not reversed.

Occasionally the underlying cause of infertility or an abnormal semen analysis cannot be identified, in which case it is termed idiopathic. These cases may be amenable to non-specific or Urologists sperm count treatment Urologists sperm count improve the chances of conception. The purpose of the male infertility evaluation is to: Important components of this history include: A thorough physical exam includes assessment of body habitus, hair distribution, breast development and the external genitalia.

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Specific attention is given to the size and consistency of the testicles as well as the structures within the spermatic cords: A semen analysis is the most important laboratory evaluation for a man with infertility, and in many circumstances is performed prior to the initial consultation. To allow for an accurate interpretation of the results, the test must be performed in a standardized fashion: A semen analysis provides information on the volume of the ejaculate, sperm concentration and motility, and appearance of sperm under the microscope morphology.

Men may have significant variation in their semen parameters; therefore it is important to have at least two semen analyses before any conclusions are drawn. Further, there can be laboratory Urologists sperm count in how semen analyses are performed so your doctor may ask you to perform additional tests to confirm results.

Specialized tests can be performed on semen and Urologists sperm count be recommended by your physician under certain circumstances. These tests include assessment of leukocytes, anti-sperm antibodies, reactive oxygen species, and sperm DNA integrity.

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If the ejaculate volume is low, a post-ejaculate urinalysis should be performed to evaluate for retrograde ejaculation. The Urologists sperm count produce male hormones testosterone and its metabolites and mature sperm in response to specific hormonal signals from the brain the hypothalamus Urologists sperm count the anterior pituitary gland.

Hormonal abnormalities can contribute to poor sperm production spermatogenesis and may be correctable in certain circumstances. Ultrasound US is a non-invasive imaging test that utilizes high frequency sound waves to visualize internal structures of the body.

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US of the scrotum and its contents may be performed when physical exam findings are unclear. The purpose of TRUS is to visualize the prostate, seminal vesicles and ejaculatory ducts to evaluate for ejaculatory duct obstruction EDO. Genetic abnormalities may cause infertility by affecting spermatogenesis or sperm transport.

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Certain genetic abnormalities that cause male infertility can be transmitted to and affect the health of offspring. Therefore, the results of genetic testing may Urologists sperm count only direct the approach to therapy, but can also provide information on the presence of abnormalities that may impact offspring.

The most common known genetic factors that contribute to male infertility are: Once diagnosis is complete, there are three approaches to treating the infertile male. Medical therapy may be used to reverse or improve certain types of inflammation Urologists sperm count hormone deficiency. Surgery may be recommended to treat problems with the male anatomy, such as ductal obstruction from vasectomy or EDO or varicocele. If neither medical nor Urologists sperm count therapy is appropriate, assisted reproductive technologies should be considered.

Even in cases where no sperm are found in the ejaculate, sperm may be retrieved from the testicle using minimally invasive techniques. Once sperm is retrieved, pregnancy is possible with the use of intracytoplasmic sperm injection ICSI.

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