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Im posting more news about the keychains!!! I have finished the linearts for the five kids!! I hope to have finished the designs soon enough, to eventually order the charms…just know that these arent getting here before mid september at best But before i order them i will have to install a shop and open pre-orders!!

Thanks for reading this far!!! And for your continued interest!!!

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Nothing to predict, nos amis! We first viewed it on Netflix, gloriously, but it is no longer there, nor is it available as a Region 1 DVD or anything else we may purchase.


She dreams of becoming a secretary but, as it turns out, has no secretarial skills at all except typing. Seeing this, Romain Duris, an insurance guy who has some emotional issues and is obsessed with competitionhires her and schemes to make her a champion! A champion of what, you ask? So she married Shaun Benson, and now he just hangs out with them all the time, moping around, picking up random young girls who are good at typing, falling in love with them, doing nothing about it… What a life.

How exciting for them both.

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But you know…war ages people. As does being an emotional disaster. Ensconced in fancy-typewriter fame, she heads to New York City for the world championships. Also, typing-championship-wise, France has never beaten America!


Also, Romain Duris invents the modern typewriter? How nice for them. This movie is perfect.

Well… Many lines seem good… Or at least, we greatly enjoy their translations as written by whoever subtitled this film? French-fluent readers, feel free to chime in!

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We might have one or two, we think. Highlights of the Watching Experience: Getting to share this movie with all of you!!!!

Or, well, those of you who are able to procure it.

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One South Korean typing prodigy. It would seem that Movie France, much like Movie London, has no people of color. At least not in or Was the Poster Better or Worse than the Film: The poster, while perfectly fine on a visual level, is clearly about a magician who conjures a typewriter, and his beautiful assistant.

Apparently, with these two, we do not care about professional boundaries. JavaScript is required to view this site.

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Filter by post type All posts. Que te vaya bien mi amor…. Sur ce, des bisous!

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I think that Heiji could be gay. Why are you thinking that?

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Not one weird French moment. Calliope homestuck artists on tumblr my art au.

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Wenn Liebe blind macht, will ich nie wieder sehen. Diz que quando acorda todo dia seu primeiro pensamento, pode ser que seja eu! Meus frases musicas criatiano araujo blabla bla. A bit of offensive religious sillyness after the break. Hey can you draw my fredbear and spring bonnie?

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Mafia Alien. pos somos una mafia alien xdddd digo lo de alien por mi >:v bueno que tal bla bla bla que los jefes somos ########### y yo y eso roben mucho y. The latest Tweets from Angel Ferrusca (@ferrusca_angel). Yo nunca digo bla bla bla. siempre—tú me conoces bien, tú sabes como soy yo, yo digo la verdad como es y me gusta bla bla bla You say:.

(Again, you can step right in and interrupt if.

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