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Halloween speed hookup pictures tumblr words

xXx Galleries Halloween speed hookup pictures tumblr words.

Let me explain how. My name is Drew. I get kind of horny when I smoke-up but I can usually hide it. So I say sure and we leave the basement and head to her room.


No fucking way dude! We smoke more weed and Mark decides to pop in a porno. So we watch, it is so fucking hot down there.

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Mark takes his shirt off. Mark takes his and pants off and like always I follow his lead.

I am so mad and humiliated. I turn back to the movie. Mark is stroking his cock, getting it full and hard. Oh my god its thick. Fuck it, under the thong I start stroking my 6 six inches. Guys do this kind of thing all the time, nothing weird here. A half hour passes and neither of us can get off. I get up to get more hand cream and I catch Mark staring at my thonged ass. Its no big deal. What does it feel like?

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I wonder what it feels like. Like when we used have to share a seat in the van on the way to soccer practice, when we were kids. If your straight this should be no big deal, just helping a friend. I do little dance, teasing him, I wiggle my ass in front of dick like a lap dancer.

Then out of no where he grabs my hips and pulls me on it. Its so huge and powerful under me. Just watch the porno. While I watch massive tits rock back and Halloween speed hookup pictures tumblr words on the TV I start rocking back and forth on his cock.

My knees holding me up start to buckle and slowly his dick is sliding inside me as I slide down it.

Oh I can feel it all the way up my ass, take it out Mark. Mark lays on his back while I stay impaled on his cock, too afraid to move.

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Its so weird, I beg him to stop and he smacks my ass, leaving a big red hand print. He pushes me into a kneeling position with his dick still inside me and starts thrusting like a mad man, like a wild animal.