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How to get rich in ireland

Good Video 18+ How to get rich in ireland.
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To find out more, please see our Privacy Statement and find out further information at http: So to cope with this situation, we have decided to reveal the secret to living happily ever after in Ireland. As you may know, Penneys is everywhere, so… why not marry the heir prince or princess of this huge kingdom?

Haha yeah… keep dreaming!

“Getting rich begins with the...

Ireland is a republic, there are no princes or princesses. You are more likely to find a four-leaf clover!

We better try the last and best option: Just make them trust you and once they have taken you to the end of the rainbow… steal their pot of gold and run away! A leprechaun is one of the most famous mythological creatures of Ireland. They are little aged bearded men wearing green clothes and smoking a pipe. They spend their time making and mending shoes. You may not believe us, but there are female leprechauns too!